Doula’s Make A Difference!!

Every Pregnant Woman Deserves A Birth Doula

Having a Birth Doula by your side can help ease the fear and anxiety of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. A doula will provide comfort measures to help you transition easily into every phase of labor, increasing your chances of a spontaneous vaginal birth.

Doula’s strive to make a positive impact on every birth experience. Studies have proven that 27% of mothers who have a Birth Doula by their side, choose to have a doula for their next birth. While 40% of women feel pain is more manageable with a birth doulas assistance.

A Birth Doula can help reduce a mother’s chance of having a cesarean from 37-50%. And studied have shown that 25% of labors have been reported to be shortened, with those who have a Birth Doula by their side.

Birth Doula’s work endlessly day and night to provide top quality loving care to their clients. Birth Doula’s have now adjusted their schedules to offered virtual assistant to clients, who want the expertise and support of a doula, but would prefer social distancing.

A Virtual Birth Doula, can provide emotional support, guidance, and resources to clients that live in another State, Country, or would prefer virtual support at a discounted cost.

The health and safety of the birthing mother and baby are of extreme importance to SBMC Srvcs. We want to make sure we can assist and accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, while providing top quality care to you and your family.

Your Birth Doula can also provide gentle massage, pressure points to help ease labor pains, contractions, and can also apply pressure points to help contractions move along more quickly.

Doula’s have the knowledge and training to suggest labor positions to help baby transition down into proper position for birth. We provide resources and referrals to our clients if needed. And your doula can also answer any questions that you may have during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery, while providing breast-feeding support following the birth, and postpartum follow up care.

Doula’s make a Huge and Wonderful Difference in the World!!!

If you are interested in having a Doula assist you in your birth, or know someone who would benefit from the help of a Doula, please go to my website to book a free prenatal appointment in the contacts section.

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Debbie Ann Maldonado
Certified Birth Doula, Lactation & Childcare Educator, Health & Wellness Coach