Happy World Doula Week!

It’s World Doula Week, how Exciting!!!!

World Doula Week begins March 22nd and continues to March 28th. You may be wondering… What is a doula, and what does a doula actually do??? Well I’m glad you asked!!!

A doula is a professional labor and birth assistant who provides tender loving care to the birthing mother by providing emotional and physical support through pregnancy and birth. There are several different types of Doulas, and today I’m going to focus on Birth Doulas.

As a Birth Doula and Mom of Ten Beautiful Children of my own. I can definitely appreciate the support and love of a Doula. Birth Doula provides physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Birth Doulas are not midwives, nor do they replace the care of a midwife. You can look at your Birth Doula, like your Birth Bestie. Your doula will be by your side every step of the way providing comfort, love, and care from pregnancy to postpartum care.

Your birthing Doula will provide encouragement and emotional support to help give you peace of mind by explaining what’s happening during labor and delivery to help ease any fears, questions, or concerns. Your Doula will answer any questions and concerns that you may have day and/or night, provide resources, and referrals. Doulas are your buddy, in time of need.

Birthing Doulas offer massage during labor, has an array of knowledge in different comfort and breathing techniques, as well as birth positions to help your labor and delivery progress more comfortably and with ease.

Birth Doulas also provide reassurance and emotional support to your partner and children, during pregnancy and labor.

Doulas Make A Difference!!!

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Happy World Doula Week and Let’s Doula This!!! 😊


Debbie Ann Maldonado
Certified Birth Doula, Lactation & Childcare Educator, & FFN Health & Wellness Coach