Certified Birth Doula
Lactation Educater
Health & Wellness Coach
Early Childhood Educator


My name is Debbie Ann Maldonado, and I have 10 beautiful children, and 1 Grandson. I’ve homeschooled and successfully breastfed all my children and would love to help others to achieve a happy and joyful experience for their delivery.

I have an Associates Degree in Science, while majoring in Early Childhood Education. I’m also a Lactation Educator, Health & Wellness Coach, and Certified in Children’s Literature.

I can provide an array of knowledge and support to the Birthing Mother, Support Partner, and Families with the personal knowledge, hands on experience, and training that I’ve obtained. I am also Director Qualified and have been Professionally and Academically trained in Early Childhood Education, in addition to having over 24 years of Breastfeeding Experience.

I have breastfed all ten of my children, and have personally experienced the many difficulties that can occur with breastfeeding, pregnancy, and labor.

I have also successfully overcome these difficulties, and learned an abundance of knowledge within and throughout the process.

I can help provide you with education on topics such as poor latching, low milk supply, breast infection both on the nipples and within the breast, engorgement, cluster feedings, sore nipples, perineal tears, labor that slows in progression, baby’s positioning in the womb to be transverse or occiput posterior position (also known as sunny side up), exhaustion, birthing positions, breathing and relaxation techniques, and much more.

I understand that birth plans change, and the unexpected can arise. My role is to support you throughout your labor process, and with your breastfeeding needs, regardless of your decision on how you chose to give birth or feed your baby.

I will be there to comfort and provide you and your birth partner with the necessary information that is needed for you to make an informed decision for yourself and your baby.

I can help and provide you with the personal knowledge, support, and education to help you achieve the labor you desire, in addition to providing you with the information needed to have a happy birthing, and breastfeeding experience.

I also offer birth partner support, which is included in the Labor Birth Package. My role is not to replace the partner, but instead provide support, education, and assistance of how we can all work together as a team to provide a happy and memorable labor and birth experience for the family as a whole.

I live in the beautiful Lakes Regions of New Hampshire with my husband, children, and 2 dogs. I love taking walks, photography, singing, reading and writing books, furthering my education, and enjoying family gatherings when we all reunite.

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help support you in your labor, and/or with breastfeeding, please feel free to contact me at the number provided in the contact section.

I hope to assist you in your birthing experience, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂